19 December 2002

Fonts -- creative and distinctive... all at Chanks! Now, what can I create with them...?

07 December 2002

Do you know what a Shawnimal is? I can't believe that people are paying for these... but I want one so I guess someone else might too. I think I might try to recreate one myself.
Unique to you alphabets.

06 December 2002

Yeah, Hoopla's Advent Calendar is here again. Change your home page and have a little Christmas cheer when you start to surf each day!
Keep track of your tunes on Recordnerd. Get your friends to sign up too and easily plan the playlist for your next get together. A fun way to see what someone is spinning.

30 November 2002

Now, this would be a fun place for Christmas gifts! Classics, kitsch and more....On my wish list would be the ultrahip placemat set, the Asian welcome door mat, Dangerous women stationary, Beatnik nodder, Space Age TV or Art Deco clocks,... and Star Trek Uno. so much fun!

28 November 2002

One of my new favourite sites. Clear directions for easy funky crafts. It's definitely not martha.

28 October 2002

Last one for today. Here's a place to create sand art. I think Madi will like this one.
Do you like Peanut Butter and Jelly? Here's one happy banana that does.
Make a little lego version of yourself. As good as any digital pic out there. It's so lifelike. :-)
Watch out for books released into the wild by the people of BookCrossing - a global book club. You may find one of my passalongs somewhere out there!
I've said it before and I'll say it again... what time is it on the human clock?

26 October 2002

Opniyama. Very zen like... I have no idea what the point is... planting seeds or something... but the graphics are cute and the music isn't annoying at first and you can just feel like you are falling right along with your little character.
"To trump where no man has trumped before"... it's Star Trek Uno.

25 October 2002

I found my second googlewhack. Check out googlewhacking and my entry "frumenty mannish", the "fox and hounds" of the digital world.
Within the monkey pages, you will find this little gem! It's Dueling Frida Kahlo Haikus!
Haven't you always wanted a monkey? Especially one with a heightened Hallowe'en fashion sense.
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What Was Your PastLife?
"To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best night and day to make you like everybody else means to fight the hardest battle any human being can fight and never stop fighting."
e.e. cummings

Okay, 6 months between blogs is a little more than I would have liked... but there it is. It's not like anyone out there is looking at this, I mean, it's just a dumping place for the odds and ends of my web surfing so that I can find something if I want to share it with someone away from my home computer. And it seems to be my insomnia project... time for bed!
For the day when you need to send a wafflehouse e-card accompanied by 80's new wave midi, just go to Daveweb's Wafflehouse Web Cards.
Here's another site for my nephews. Keep the soccer ball in the air. I think it helps if you make the same sounds as the insane person babbling in the background. Try it.
Gallery of Regrettable Food. What more needs to be said?
Check out the cartoons of Craig Swanson now on tee-shirts. Hard to pick a favourite but "Make way for Dumplings" is right up there.
abandoned-places.com A photo gallery of the left behind spaces on our planet.
THE1000JOURNALPROJECT "One thousand blank journals are traveling from hand to hand throughout the world. Those that find them will add stories and drawings and then pass them along. This is an experiment and you are part of it."
Yeah!!! I found some Hancock's Half Hour and Goon show episodes on the web. If anyone knows of other online sources, please pass them along. They make me smile!
If you ever need to travel light, check out the One Bag website. I can't believe that it would ever be within my reach... I can fill my car just for a weekend to the mountains, but with my current trip to Asia, I am going to try to glean some wisdom from this advice!

24 April 2002

Ashes and Snow is a beautiful site with images from the artist Gregory Colbert. Acrobatics with singing whales, meditation and prayers with an elephant...

09 April 2002

Have I placed a link to the most splendid TupperArt done by Sam? If not, here it is. More will be added shortly so add it to your bookmarks!

15 March 2002

Well, the cows may have come and gone but here is where you can buy that souvenir to remember them by.

25 January 2002

I used this website as a reward after my class did an online quiz. Some of the girls didn't want to play with the puppet, but others enjoyed making him DANCE!

They all seemed to like playing "What's New PussyCat". Some crazy looking animals in this game!

07 January 2002

A whole website devoted to an alien creature masquerading as a dog. Mr. Winkle's tongue is too big for his mouth and so his owner has decided to exploit this poor deformed animal by dressing it up and selling a calendar. Why? why?

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