01 November 2010

Mozart and Salieri - by Pushkin

Attended the opening concert for the Mozart Festival Saturday night at the Calgary Philharmonic. We saw a fabulous staging of Rimsky Korsakov's one act opera "Mozart and Salieri" based on the Pushkin play (as staged as a movie in the YouTube clip). It included music from both composers and finished with an amazing performance of Mozart's final requiem - one of my favourite pieces. The chorus entered the house from different doors walking quietly with a lit candle and then all proceeded to the choir loft and the performance began in a low lit house with the four actors from the opera on the stage. Fantastic!! If I had the time, I'd attend the screening of Amadeus at the Plaza theatre this Tuesday (part of the festival and part of the 75th Anniversary of the theatre). I'll most likely just plan to watch the DVD and enjoy it all again.
Enjoy the music of the Requiem here.

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