16 September 2011

Flickr Friday: Chatsworth - The Veiled Vestal Virgin

In an attempt to blog more frequently and to revisit some of my favourite photos, Friday will now be known as Flickr Friday. And to start us off, my number one viewed photo on Flickr, the marble sculpture "The Veiled Vestal Virgin" by Raffaelle Monti.

If you saw the Keira Knightly version of Pride and Prejudice, you may recognize this as a sculpture in Pemberly but in reality it stands in Chatsworth, a grand home in Derbyshire that may have inspired Jane Austen to write about Darcy's ancestral home.

It is a truly spectacular piece of art - you want to reach out and brush the veil away to see her face, it is so beautifully sculpted.

Someday, I hope to visit this amazing estate in Derbyshire again.

Note:  I just had a thought - Have I posted this picture before and YES - this is a repeat post. so now I need to add something fresh to the post. A few more views of the same sculpture gallery in Chatsworth!

Chatsworth 297

Chatsworth 295

Chatsworth 308

Chatsworth 299

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