13 January 2012

Resolutionary Challenge 2012

kid to do list, list, Be happy and go home, originally uploaded by Carissa GoodNCrazy.

(Okay - first - I love this picture - I need to remember to add Be HAPPY on my daily schedule as well as PLAY! Always wise to include some of this!)

I said I would eventually get to the rest of my resolutions for 2012 - late partially because December was short by a couple of weeks for me ( I think the mice took them off my calendar) and because I can't focus on the rest of the year until I get over the Winter term start up process that consumes my time.

Well January 15 seems like a reasonable "adjusted" start to the year and one that happily coincides with an opportunity to get some support for those "here we go again" types of resolutions as well as something a bit more specific to my current place in life. It is the Resolutionary Challenge - an online support group with a chance to put a bit of commitment (in terms of $ - only 30) behind the intention. Bonnie is a friend and recent graduate of my online Language Teaching and Technology course and shared this on her blog., Mon Nid Vide (My Empty Nest).  You can find the details there (click on the link to go right to the post) and join in if you are so inclined. It's a 12 week commitment and you earn points to keep you motivated along the way And I'll share how I'm doing here. I'm looking forward to having the support and working with others on some of the goals I want to focus on!

My first resolution of the year - to work on procrastination is coming along - the list of items is so long that I am still unavoidably procrastinating a few things just due to time available (and the fact that they involve math) but I'm trying to be more aware of how I am making the choices of what to do at any particular moment. Rather than just procrastinating the same things over and over again. So some improvement but lots of room to continue to work on this.

Tonight is part of my other goal - leave my house and be with other people - so I'm off to the CPO for a concert of the movie soundtracks of John Williams! Gotta love a goal that leads to fun!

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Dawn said...

I love your 'leave the house and be with other people' goal. I might set that one one day. :). Right now, for me, it is a load of laundry a day and plan meals ahead of time...how mundane!

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