09 December 2015

Christmas ReBoot

From the Nativity Pageant, Heritage Park, Calgary 2014
It's been almost one year. And what a year it has been. Life got crazy just before Christmas last year and I don't think there has been much of a break since. But I need to reboot, refresh and start again so this is a placeholder until I officially restart the blog.

So  - to review- I had started a kind of Christmas countdown and managed to post from December 1 - 11 in 2014.  My next new blog post will be December 12.

While you are waiting, you can revisit the first eleven.

December 11   Winter Weather

December 10   Snowflakes

December 9   Christmas Cards

December 8    Christmases Past

December 7    Christmas Calendars

December 6    The Nutcracker

December 5   Bing and Bowie

December 4   Still, Still, Still

December 3   Being Festive

December 2   A Very Retro Christmas

December 1  A Very Dickens Christmas

See you  again in 4 days!

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