02 April 2011

LDS Conference Center, originally uploaded by whistlepunch.
It's Conference weekend again. I miss being able to watch it on TV and my computer doesn't like streaming video these days, so I've only been able to listen so far. This year, in addition to Twitter being a great resource of quotes and thoughts throughout the sessions, there is a shared note-taking document on Google docs. So in addition to listening, I am keeping watch using these collaborative means. Easy to just stop and listen when I want to or to review what was just said - think about the quote a bit more. Just like Elder Richard Scott's advice in October 2009 conference, I have a notepad and pen close so that when inspiration comes, I can follow the ideas further and be open to specific guidance and inspiration meant just for me. I don't even mind such a wintery day when I can be warmed by the great messages and music of General Conference.

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