03 April 2011

Picture from http://calgarytemple.blogspot.com/
President Monson spoke on the importance of temples in his Sunday morning address at General Conference.  He asked us to make whatever sacrifices necessary to have the temple as our goal, in our hearts and in our homes. " Each temple stands as a beacon, an expression of testimony that God lives, that He desires to bless us and all generations." I'm looking forward to attending the temple in two weeks as Tanner goes through for the first time in preparation for his mission.  On the same weekend, I'll be with our youth as they do baptisms and will be doing some for my family.  And just around the corner  - in 2012 - this structure up on the hill of Royal Oak with the majestic mountains beyond it will be dedicated as a House of the Lord for us to serve within. It was announced at the Saturday morning session of the October 2009 conference as I sat in the congregation in the Conference Center and completely missed the announcement of the Rome Italy temple becuase we were too busy reacting to the announcement of the Calgary, Alberta temple.   I love the temples of the Lord and am excited for the opportunity to serve more often and have the temple within our city.

Calgary, Alberta Temple - 2012

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