12 March 2012

March 11 Photo: Someone you talked to

Good friends at Stake Conference with Elder Quentin L. Cook. It was a great meeting and I was glad to have a seat saved for me so I didn't have to be seated way in the back - it was a FULL house. No doubt the word got out that we had one of the latter-day apostles visiting with us this Sunday. I had left my notebook at home so practiced by keyboarding skills on my iPhone to record the thoughts and impressions shared through the meeting.

There were great messages from everyone who spoke. We were challenged to pray and read scriptures daily in order to receive personal revelation and direction for our lives. To follow the direction of inspired leaders and to pay attention to the words of prophets. Their messages are intended for us now and in the future and Elder Cook gave examples of how prophetic priorities  from the past have deeper meaning in today's context. After the meeting, there was lots of catching up wth friends and plans for a birthday this week! A great day.

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