12 March 2012

March 9 Photo: Red

Red is a rather dominant colour in my home - along with orange and green. My living room furniture is red. Many walls are red. And in the pictures in my next blog post (coming soon), you will see a lot of red featured there as well.

But something that is red that I particularly love is my red ESPE bag. This is my second bag from ESPE - my first was red but I traded it with a friend when she could only find purple and green (awesome!) and was very sad she didn't find the red bag that she had admired of mine. I loved my purple bag - (I should probably be calling it aubergine or eggplant or something more upscale than purple but it is what it is). But last Christmas I bought a larger carryall in red and it has become my bag of choice since I am usually carrying around what ought to be in a small suitcase most days. It fits a selection of folders, books, various tech tools, sunglasses, notepads, lipgloss tubes, mints and unexplainably at least 10 and possibly upwards of 15 writing implements. (That explains why I never have a pen on my desk - they are all in my bag!) This is my bag in an unusual state - it is empty and waiting to be called into action again.
You can check out this season's bags at ESPE online.

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