22 March 2012

March 15 Photo: Car

Another photo assignment which was well timed. I planned on washing my car today for my drive south and so I could take this picture without you having to squint through the dirt to see the lovely detail in the stitching on my back bumper!

A couple of years ago - on a snowy and extremely cold evening, I backed out of our Condo AGM and my bumper hit into a pile of snow. I didn't think anything of it - the snow was packed but I hadn't hit hard and it was just snow, right? Nope - there was a metal post in that snow and the cold temperature shattered the bumper.

That April, when I drove out to visit my Dad on his birthday, he did the Dad thing and came out to look at my sad car. "I can fix that" and he grabbed his drill and was off. The main focus was to stop the bottom piece from sagging and getting broken off any more but once that was tied up, he kept at it, piecing together and stitching up any two broken sides that he could find. It is VERY secure now. And I smile every time I see it. It may not be the most attractive look for my Honda but it sure has personality. And a new name. Meet Frank! Short for Frankencar.

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