22 March 2012

March 16 Photo: Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the assignment today. Shall I now step up on my soapbox and talk about the dangers of NOT wearing sunglasses? It isn't the reason I have the challenges I now have but I know that for a couple of years I went without and it was during this time that my symptons appeared. 

I have worn eyeglasses since I was eight. For a while in junior high I even had some of the older version of treated lenses that went darker in the sun and then lightened again when you went inside. Only in the past, they didn't work that well and they always looked a bit orange. Then I started with contact lenses. And with the contacts, I could wear fun sunglasses. I never paid for prescription sunglasses and so if I knew I would be outside for extended periods of time or would be driving into the sun, contact lenses went in. And then I got old. And I got my first pair of progressive lenses. I bought them with a friend on a two for one deal to help with the cost, not thinking that that would have been smart to use for a pair of prescription sunglasses.

Two years later and the spots begin to appear. My left eye was really having problems focusing and the spots actually impeded reading. I go to have it checked out and in time learn from the specialist that I have macular degeneration - in both eyes but the left is the one causing the most problems now. And that while I can't reverse the damage that has been done, I can work on slowing down the process. SUNGLASSES are key. I find when my eyes are sensitive, I even get some relief wearing them indoors. I think of all the years as a kid before I got contacts when I never wore sunglasses and then the extra damage I did when I got my progressive lenses. I know it is more complex than just wearing sunglasses and that the real cause of my MD is the shape of my eyeball (so genetics - what do you do?) but I don't go anywhere without my sunglasses now! Lesson learned!

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