03 March 2012

March 3 Photo: Your Neighbourhood

Photo collage: From top left clockwise: Pearl Express - local Chinese takeout; Saigon Palace - tasty Vietnamese; Sushi Bar Ren - Japanese;  and E-Mart -the Korean grocery
I didn't make it out until after sundown to get my daily photo. While I went out to wash the car and drop off the recycling, I was on the look out for a good photo for the theme "Your Neighbourhood". One of the things I love about my neighbourhood is the convenient access to great Asian food. Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. I took pictures of the 4 closest leaving out one Vietnamese since there are two just across the street from each other. I included Sushi Bar Ren when in fact, I actually don't eat Japanese often and when I do, typically go a few blocks further to a place by the University. But all of these are within a 5-10 minute walk - really close and I take advantage of that whenever I have a craving. I've been visiting the Korean grocery the most lately and cooking at home. Yum!  Now if only a Thai restaurant would move in! 

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Sheila said...

Enjoying all your photos daughter.
Nice to see what you are doing when you are on the computer. Glad you are keeping your blog active.

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