04 March 2012

March 4 Photo: Bedside

Bedside table
 This was an appropriate assignment today since I felt under the weather and spent most of the day next to it. My bedside table is a little worn... a treasure with a missing history. I found it in the very very back of my grandparents' attic and my uncle kindly let me claim it as my own. It is missing a drawer pull and I think it once had a mirror but I don't mind.  I cleaned off all the years of accumulated dust and dirt and have been using it ever since. I found a similar piece of furniture when I visited the Stephansson House Historic Site just south of Red Deer. I asked about the furniture and they believed other than a few special pieces, most were the typical furniture of the day purchased from a mail order catalogue and so this was probably the same.

On it are a few of my favourite things.Starting on the left:
  • a small sunstone replica from our trip to Nauvoo, Illinois,
  • a beautiful vase from a good friend with gerbera daisies as my flowers for this week, 
  • a phrenology head (I've been fascinated ever since I found the report on my great great grandfather's examination!)
  • a doily and bird statue that were my grandmother's,
  • a photo of my grandfather as a young boy with his parents in a cart pulled by an ostrich,
  • a mother of pearl inlay box from Cairo,
  • and a small Eiffel Tower from my trip to Paris with my nephew.
  • The alarm clock is the same clock I purchased before going to live and serve in South Korea as a missionary.
  • No special story for the lamps - both from IKEA.
  • The empty space is where I put magazines, books, scriptures - all my reading material which for the sake of the picture is still piled up in the bed where I was using it.
The display rotates frequently as I move my treasures around the house often. Sometimes there are a lot more birds. And occasionally a small sheep.

Tomorrow's assignment is a smile. Who will be my model?

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