05 March 2012

March 5 Photo: Smile

I ended up working from home and not finding a suitable subject for my assignment today, I made my plan. In my Resolutionary Challenge (now in week 8), our wildcard assignment for the week is to pamper ourselves. I was looking forward to gathering all the lovely lotions, bath soaps and other pampering gift items that I enjoy receiving but never seem to make use of! So with a night in planned, I figured an easy way to get a smile was to wait for the steamed up mirror after my candlelit bubblebath. Only if you put all the candles along the counter, the mirror stays warm and no steam appears. I didn't think that through very well!  It was a lovely way to end my evening, only now I didn't have the picture I intended.

So on went the snow boots and coat with my hair still wet and I ran out into the backyard to capture a smile. The snowfall has turned the back yard into a zen Christmas card - lovely branches covered in snow-- so peaceful. And back inside for a cup of tea before bed.  I know most of the others doing this photo challenge are in Australia, but this is what March 5 looks like in Canada.  Goodnight!

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