19 July 2012

More of the same

The view
A lovely way to start the day. It feels like a rural address on this side of the I-15. Just minutes from downtown and all that the city offers.

the library - lower basement

My vacation office hence the "more of the same" title.  I spent another full day at this table. Today's discoveries included the fact that William Henry Toone and Hannah Webb were married by Wilford Woodruff, and the sad tale of a civil war veteran (uncle to Lilly Root) who committed suicide in a park near his home.  It did not include any of the information I am still looking for - names to extend my line. Maybe next visit.

my dinner companions
After fighting the rush hour traffic, I made it back to the house for dinner with the sister missionaries. Sister Nethercot and Sister Tufuga. Leslie made a yummy meal. The sisters left a sweet message and spirit behind.

Jordan River Temple
The end of the day. Last session of the evening. Such a beautiful and peaceful way to end the day. The temple is beautiful with lots of crystal and gorgeous art works. I couldn't help but look at all the detail work in the ceiling painting and think of Jason working inside our Calgary temple preparing for its dedication this fall.

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Shantel said...

I found your blog through googling Henry William Puzey. I am a decendant. I also happen to be an LDS Church historian. I live in Minnesota with my husband and five children. I would love to talk with you about information you may have. His Son Fredrick and I share a brithday exactly 100 years apart! But I am directly connected through Fredricks sister Lavina Puzey.
Thank you
Shantel Gardner
E-mail: gardn353@umn.edu

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