18 July 2012

My Third Great Grandfather

While shuffling papers  to prepare  for the research I hoped to do on the Rhodes line, I came across a note that gave the address of the last home of Henry Puzey.

Henry is my third great grandfather - his son is Henry William who married Lydia Pollard and their son is Frederick Puzey, and his son is Frederick Elmer Puzey - my mother's father.  Last visit I drove to the original Toone home and also tried to locate the Hunter home but it is no longer standing. I hadn't bothered to look for any Puzeys since I had incorrectly assumed that Henry had been residing with his son in Spring City. I don't know why I thought that since I knew some other details that clearly had him located in Salt Lake City.

Isn't this a beautiful home? It has a large shaded porch that wraps around the south side of the building. It is facing west with the mountains behind it.  It was built in 1890 - 3 years after his son had passed and 6 years before he did. His son Edwin lived in the house after that - I imagine until he died in 1965. It was last renovated in 1985.  Sorry folks, no "For Sale" sign. I wonder if it is still a Puzey living there.  I didn't see any signs of someone being home. 

To see Henry's picture and learn a little about his crossing to Salt Lake City, visit the "Our Pioneer Heritage" wiki.

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Lalainia said...

Such a beautiful home - neat to see! Hope you are enjoying your trip.

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