05 May 2013

May 5 Photo: Celebrate/Paper

After church today, I went over to spend some time with Mom to celebrate her birthday. We didn't have a big family dinner planned since we just had one last week and mom is still under the weather and doesn't quite have her appetite back. She requested plain jello - that says it all.  But I had baked up a batch of coconut macaroons to accompany her birthday gift (wrapped in cheery spring bird paper). So I figured I could cover both themes (Celebrate and Paper) in one photo. I wish now I had taken a picture of the actual gift - it was so pretty. A Jim Shore figurine for the month of May.  

But I found one online. She is carrying Lily of the Valley and has an emerald Swarovski crystal necklace. Perfect for Mom's May birthday and her love of Jim Shore figurines. I was lucky she didn't already have this but so far she has mostly collected Christmas/winter figurines.

It has been a very low-key birthday with her still recovering from her pneumonia but I'm glad I was able to spend some time with her. Love you Mom!

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Sheila said...

AHHH, that was so nice to see. I loved having you here with me. Just hope you don't get sick, and I love my May angel. She is so pretty and fits into my color scheme house perfectly. The cookies are delicious, just had some mango jello and a cookie. Yum Yum.
Love you Sheri. xoxo

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