04 December 2013

Goodbye Ghost Tree

Christmas 2008 at home
The Ghost Tree
Before I unveil my 2013 Christmas decor, I thought we could have one last look at my white "ghost" tree. I call it that because if I entered the living room with the lights off, it seemed to haunt the corner of the room  - the only thing visible in the dark. This picture is from 2008 when it still had most of your needles and I wasn't quite as frustrated with the process of trying to put it together and wind the green-corded lights around it.  Since that time,  the tree didn't live in this corner but on the opposite wall.  I've returned to decorating in this corner but now it looks quite different. I am still on the hunt for some of my decorating bins in the basement. I haven't located my tree skirt yet so no pictures can be posted until then. I will have Santa back under the tree. He is looking his age (he was our Santa when I was a little girl so that is some old Santa - it is amazing he still has a beard attached to his jolly face) .

Christmas 2008 at home

So --so long to the ghost tree. You will live on in our memories and lots of photos in front of you but thankfully I won't have to live with the dropped white plastic needles for the rest of the year anymore. Your days of shedding all over my home are done.

Disclosure - I now have a baby white tree that lives in my upstairs office. I still do love a white tree.

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Sheila said...

Sounds like you are going to miss that white tree alot. It was pretty. But I am sure your new one will be prettier and easier to put up.

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