07 April 2014

Music Monday


I am determined to start blogging again. In fact, I started with a post yesterday on my Family History blog. As I went in to write the post, I found a LOT of DRAFT posts that I have never completed and posted - on all of my blogs. So I will do some catching up alongside some fresh posts.

So here we go again. I need to catch up on some events that have happened since Christmas with the most recent being my first trip to Portland, Oregon for a very large conference. More to come on that.

But this is Music Monday and so instead, I share this little bit of joy. I can definitely relate to this woman. Sometimes, you just can't hold it in! Enjoy!

4000 more views and this clip hits 1 MILLION views! 
She was tracked down and told she has become an internet sensation. She seemed chuffed.

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