11 April 2014

Orff the Wall Concert

Orff the Wall concert at the Jack Singer Concert Hall - all the students up on stage to start off the night
I was invited to stand in for my cousin at her son's school concert performance. It was a night of Orff music - took me back to visiting my mom's music class and concerts. Fantastic performances from the children. It is amazing what an inspiring and creative teacher can do with a group of children when they are fully engaged in their learning.

This performance at the Jack Singer Concert Hall involved students in Grades 4-6 from seven Calgary schools. Each school performed pieces which included Happy by Pharrell, Stompa by Serena Ryder and a unique rendition of O Sinnerman.  The teachers performed and the evening ended with a group number of Katy Perry's Roar.

Pre-show staging of the students
Waiting for everything to get started. Ashton is right in the middle, in a white shirt, with glasses but no tie.
Douglasdale School Grade Fours
Ashton's school performed a collection of traditional Newfoundland folksongs. He is in the middle again - playing the xylophone.
Dr. J. K. Mulloy School Grade Fours
Such a colourful group from Dr. J.K. Mulloy School. Percussion using bouncing and thrown basketballs, drumsticks and Rona pails...

Dr. J. K. Mulloy School Grade Fours
...long dowels to beat out a rhythm on the floor and more drumsticks on the backs of the chairs. Fantastic choreography as well!

Thanks for inviting me along!

My cousin couldn't go for a VERY GOOD reason. When I arrived and before I was given my ticket I was shown a picture on a camera phone that made me so so happy.  Their sweet little daughter was born just hours earlier! For pictures of this perfect little girl, you can read her mom's blog post introducing Cadence Elaine. 

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Lalainia said...

So happy you took these photos. Thanks for filling in for me - my boys sure love you! I know Cadence will too!

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