13 April 2014

"So Long and Thanks for all the Popcorn"?

It was the last weekend to see the elephants at the Calgary Zoo. I expected large crowds and I guess they showed up eventually, but they weren't there early Saturday morning, with the temperature at -6 and the cold north wind blowing. But it was the last chance I would have and so when I called Ashton and gave him the choice of going for breakfast or going to the zoo, I was pleased to hear his enthusiasm for heading to the zoo despite the weather.

We arrived just as the gates had opened and there were just a handful of cars in the parking lot. The enrichment activities for the elephants wouldn't begin for another 45 minutes so first stop was the penguins!

We headed out to Elephant Crossing next. Just the brief walk across the bridge and the wind whipping around us and we decided the better option would be a stop at the Kimba Cafe for hot chocolate!

I wasn't worried about rushing with the crowds looking like this!!

Hot Chocolate - worth every penny on this cold day!

We spent the time waiting for the elephants figuring out what the $3 hot chocolate could have purchased at 7-11.  I didn't care, it was warm and we were cold!

The fun happened inside. The keepers set up a number of engaging activities that the crowd enjoyed watching as much as the elephants seemed to enjoy.

The paper package of grass required a pinata-type beating to break open and the popcorn hidden around posts and inside cardboxes was a treat! (Sorry for the quality of my video but it was a quick decision to grab a video capture once I saw the fun the elephant was having!)

The rest of the time was spent looking for little elephant statues and visiting some of the other animals in the zoo.

It was a fun morning and I'm glad we braved the weather to say our goodbyes.

It was also a chance to say hello to newest great-grandchild of Fred and Hannah Puzey. Little Cadence Elaine. A great way to spend a Saturday!

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