20 June 2014

The Trip Part 1

En route to Ottawa from Val d'Or with Elder and Sister Rhodes 
It started out to just be a trip to visit the missionaries (Dad and Tina) in Quebec. It grew into a bit more -  Regina, Phoenix, Ottawa, Val d'Or, Quebec and back to Ottawa. Well, I had never visited the capital of our country before and this was something I was definitely going to take advantage of since Val d'Or is part of the stake in Ottawa. Then the timing lined up with my attendance of  the TESL Canada conference in Regina where I was giving two presentations so it was a pit stop on my journey east. BUT then I was invited to join my sister's family and my mom in Phoenix between these two - Mother's Day in the sun. So the trip was set.

The girls in Phoenix on Mother's Day 2014 (mom's pic from Facebook)
It is always nice to come home but I had a great time on the road! Here are the highlights:

Regina: Excellent conference. I attended some great presentations - had some good conversations connecting with colleagues from across the country. Not enough time to attend all the sessions I wanted to see. Gave two presentations (which is part of why I spent my first day in Regina on the computer in my hotel room working on documents needed back at MRU and finalizing my notes and didn't get to visit the MacKenzie Art Gallery), but both were well attended and I felt good at the end of them.  Loved the last night - Nancy found an improv show "Red Hot Riot with Jayden Pfeifer" and coordinated tickets for us. It was just a few blocks from the hotel and was an Improv/Talk show held in a renovated church, the Artesian.  Hilarious! There was even a legitimate guest for the talk show - Lowell Dean, director of "Wolf Cop".  And a musical act, Poor Nameless Boy. I bought his CD at the end of the show - if you get a chance to check him out, do so!

Last night in Regina - Improv fun at the Artesian

Phoenix: I arrived Sunday afternoon for a couple of days in the sun with just the Mom, Janelle and Madi. On Monday we visited the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens and saw the Chihuly exhibit!! I'm so glad I was able to see this. It's like I've been chasing Chihuly installations with a number of my trips. Missed it at Chatsworth. Missed it at Kew Gardens. Missed the first exhibit in Phoenix and left Arizona one week before this current exhibit with hopes to get back before it was packed up.  This was now the last week before it was all over. Fantastic pieces and when you look around, there were plants in the garden that could be seen as inspirations for the glass works.

Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden
Madi at the Desert Botanical Garden Chihuly art installation
Red and Yellow Assymetrical Tower, 2013 

Desert Botanical Garden
Summer Sun

Desert Botanical Garden
Erbium Pink Fiori, 2013

Desert Botanical Garden
Blue Fiori Sun, 2013

Desert Botanical Garden
Sapphire Star, 2010
To see more of my photos from the Botanical Garden, click through for the full set on Flickr.

We were then joined by Rob, Tanner, Sam and Jazz on Tuesday for another couple of days of fun.

An early visit to the new Gilbert Arizona temple.

Gilbert Arizona Temple

Lots of pool time and I had fun playing with my camera settings.

Family Fun in Phoenix
I took sooo many pictures to get this great shot!

Family Fun in Phoenix
Last night in Phoenix - the full moon
Part one of my trip done... on to Ottawa and Val d'Or in the next blog post. 

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Looks like it was a fabulous trip!

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