21 June 2014

The Trip part 2

Tulips at Major Hill Park with the Parliament East Block in the background

After a combination of delays and changes, I finally made it in to Ottawa.

We weren't alone on the airport apron (not "tarmac" which I have now learned is the wrong term to use) - a smaller jet was surrounded by black limousines and security. Someone official or important or such was also arriving in the nation's capital.

It was a rainy night and the next day was rainy as well. I still tried to see some of the tulip festival near Parliament but it was a perfect day to spend at the National Gallery of Canada. Visiting here was number two on my list of things to do in Ottawa. Number one was to visit Parliament Hill but I was saving that for when I returned in a week with Dad and Tina.

I didn't take a picture of every piece of art but it seems like it. So many amazing works that I have seen on the covers and pages of textbooks, on postcards and websites. I always look forward to discovering a new artist that I enjoy or a work of art that I just want to spend time with.

Some of my favourites!

National Gallery of Canada
Red Currant Jelly by Mary Pratt
This artist was the exhibit I missed seeing in Regina! Love the light! It reminds me of my photo from, Tangled Gardens, a shop in Nova Scotia.

Tom Thomson; Arthur Lismer; J.E.H. MacDonald; and A.Y. Jackson -gorgeous pieces. 

National Gallery of Canada
Pavane by Jean Paul Riopelle - this is joy!

National Gallery of Canada
Ludivine by Edwin Holgate - I sat in front of this for some time. She is at the funeral of her mother. So powerful.

National Gallery of Canada
Artist and Shaman between Two Worlds by Norval Morriseau

National Gallery of Canada
Irises by Vincent Van Gogh - so beautiful!

National Gallery of Canada
Jacaranda by Alexander Calder

National Gallery of Canada
The Hotel Eden by Joseph Cornell - I am a HUGE fan of Joseph Cornell so was happy to see this iconic piece.

National Gallery of Canada
A Swedish Village by Harold Gilmer - this makes me want to go to Sweden even more!

National Gallery of Canada
Firuzabad (Variation 1) by Frank Stella - a huge bright and happy piece.

National Gallery of Canada
"Just paint the picture already!" - Young Woman with a Fan by Pietro Rotari

Okay - I really could have posted many more. I spent my time going from room to room and occasionally sitting and soaking it all in. I love great art galleries!  Unfortunately, I didn't figure out how to turn off the camera sounds until the next day.  So everywhere I went, you could here, click, click, click.  I'm sure the security and other visitors would have been happier if I had known this 24 hours earlier. To see my photos of the art and the gallery I spent my day enjoying, you can see them here on Flickr.   Do you have a favourite?

The room I spent the most time is was the reconstruction of the Rideau Street Convent Chapel. Not only for the beauty of the room but the sound installation of the Forty-Part Motet by Janet Cardiff. I remember reading about this when it was originally exhibited in 2001. It was amazing to sit and listen to. But even more amazing to walk around the room and hear each track on its own speaker as the music was passed around the room.

National Gallery of Canada
Amazing ceiling, isn't it?

Here is a video of what the experience is like:

After touring the gallery, I made my way to take in the view from Nepean Point. From behind the gallery, you can look out and see the river with bridges across to Gatineau and look back towards downtown to see Parliament and the locks of the canal. The West Block is currently being renovated - a process that is making its way around the various buildings of Parliament and scheduled to take 30 years. Renovations on the Central Block will be starting in 2018.

Parliament Hill as seen from Nepean Point

I had dinner down at the Elgin Street Diner - open all night which is good because after walking all day at the gallery, I didn't make it back out until after I watched 24 (so happy Jack is back!) and then walked for an hour to find it. Poutine, a salad and a milkshake. Too much food - it was impossible to finish. I read my book and enjoyed people watching and being out of the rain.  

Elgin Street Diner
Where I spent my Friday night in Ottawa
The next morning I had breakfast in my neighbourhood - the busy Byward Market with stalls of flowers, vegetables and fruit and arts and crafts.  I enjoyed a croissant and hot chocolate from Moulin De Provence, an Ottawa landmark. I bought some loaves of bread and tulip cookies to take up to Val d'Or. (no camera for this part)

My ride north had a few hiccups (including some generous and helpful volunteers who got me to my bus and a very carsick dog) but I eventually made it to Val d'Or by 9:30 that night.

En route to Val d'Or - rocks and trees and water... (I hummed the Arrogant Worms song all the way up)

 Part 3 of the trip to follow.

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