08 December 2014

Christmases Past

Where is this? Is it the Puzey farm?
The post today is just some random photos from the Puzey family scans. And I have a lot of questions about them.

I have 12 other posts partially drafted but many are waiting for me to get my own Christmas decorating and other activities underway. I'm hoping to take care of the tree Wednesday. Here are a couple of pictures of trees but I'm not 100% sure about them. 

As for this first picture, I don't know where this linoleum and border stenciling was. I wonder if it was the Puzey house before the bookshelves were added. I really have no idea. 
Christmas at the Toone's

I love this picture of the the presents under the tree on a Christmas morning. Who was the dolly and the bassinet for? How about the tricycle? I think it is the Toone home because of the location of the piano but I can't be sure. 

Okay - this is the picture I have of Aunt Sandy with a tree. I don't know who the other two people are. Any idea?

Grandpa,me and Michael.
Grandpa Fred with his first two grandchildren.  I look positively bored in this one. Michael looks so sweet. This is our Brentwood home - with the Rocky Mountain mural on the wall. I remember that chair had very scratchy fabric. 

A family portrait. 1972?
Where were these two pictures taken? A church building but I can't tell. For some reason I think it was Claresholm but I don't really remember going there for Christmas dinners. 

I need a good caption for this one. Anyone?
Same corner as above. I took this one of my crazy cousins and sister. I thought this was an awesome skirt Janelle was wearing. Fun!

I was looking through some old photo albums tonight for a particular picture and I made another discovery I'll share in a future post. A mystery has been solved! 

Tonight, I had a lovely dinner this evening with my aunt and uncle, shared some family history stories and pictures from my recent trip to the UK.  I realized I never carry my camera anymore because it is too bulky and I don't use my camera phone because I typically have no room to take any photos with it. I am missing out on photo opportunities all around me. I was able to check out Aunt Sandy's advent calendar and discovered what the missing ornaments on my calendar ought to be.  A bird, two fish and another small tree. Hooray! I copied a template of the shape of these and will make them in felt and add them to my calendar. The meal was yummy, and it was very cozy sitting by the tree with the fireplace going. My fireplace DVD is a sad imitation. 

So today's musical interlude is actually a lengthy one.  It is TWO HOURS of Christmas classics accompanying a fireplace video.  Put this on full screen and maybe you will feel toasty warm as you enjoy the fire's digital glow. 


Sheila said...

Well I can solve some of the riddles for you. The first picture, I haven't a clue. The 2nd picture is at Uncle Henri's.......don't know who the presents are for. The picture of Sandy, the gentleman with her is Dale Groves, whom she dated and is now married to Bev Decker. Don't know the young man. The family portrait is at the Claresholm chapel. We went there for many christmas dinners. In fact the Toones always got together for Christmas dinner, either on the 25th or 26th. In the church rec. hall.Will check who the crazy cousins are.

Sheila said...

The little blonde boy in the last picture is Kevin. I remember that outfit he wore. Kinda think maybe it was new years we went to Clareholm. But we were there very year with all the aunts and uncles. Maybe Sandy will remember more.

Sheri Rhodes said...

Sorry. I know the last picture is Mike, Lalainia and Janelle. I just wanted a fun caption to go with it. I didn't need to know who it was. Didn't you recognize Janelle? It couldn't be Kevin if Janelle is that age.

Sheri Rhodes said...

I just realized you thought Lalainia was Kevin!!

Sheila said...

Yes, I thought it was Kevin....guess not. Oh well....thought for sure he had an outfit like that. Janelle doesn't look like herself to me, and I sure don't remember that skirt.Janelle remembers going to Claresholm alot for Christmas, or new years. How come you don't?

Sheri Rhodes said...

I remember going to Claresholm but I didn't remember how it fit into Christmas but now that you say New Years - that makes more sense to me.

Sandra said...

I believe it is Dave in the picture with Dale Groves and myself. We are wrapping the New Years decorations around him. I remember that dress was lilac in color and I sure envy that waist size, hard to believe that I was ever that small!

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