10 December 2014


When I was serving a mission in Korea, we didn't have Christmas decorations for our apartment. Our solution was to cover the ceiling of our front entry area in snowflakes. It was fun to have others add to our snowflake collection through the season. I still think it is one of the prettiest and easiest ways to decorate a window or a beam.

There are a lot of ideas for decorating with snowflakes on Pinterest. So if you have some free time and want to get others involved, here are some patterns and ideas for you to try.

Click on the picture to go to some easy-to-do DIY ideas.
Here's a pretty mobile made with small snowflakes.

Click the picture to see the patterns for these snowflakes.
There are definitely more advanced than the snowflakes in my Korean apartment. 

Click the picture to see the patters for these snowflakes.
Lots more to try!

And here's the song for the day. (How many times can you say "falling" in a row?) This has had 86 million views. Really. Maybe every ESL class around the world has played it.

I prefer the snowflake reference in this song!

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