16 December 2015

Christmas at the Office

Presidents Holiday Reception

Despite working right up until Christmas eve, there are a few more celebratory moments at work to break up the meetings and time at the computer. We had a Christmas lunch with the teachers after Fall term classes ended. The Activities committee did an amazing job of transforming our Board room into much less of an office space and more comfortable for a Christmas celebration. This year, instead of a potluck, we all chipped in our money to order in an Indian buffet from Rajdoot and it was delicious!
photo by Roberta Wallace
photo by Roberta Wallace
I didn't participate in the gift exchange this year ( no time to prepare anything for that) but on the same day, our new Faculty - Continuing Education - was also having a Christmas get together and so we dropped by the end of that event. They had a fun photo booth, a hot chocolate bar and a snacks and candy buffet including "Grinch mix" and "Elf poop". They had snack cups or bags you could fill with your munchies so I prepared a few salt water taffies to take along with me that night to see The Mousetrap at Vertigo Theatre.

The last Christmas event I attended was the Presidents' Holiday Reception (pictured at the top).  Our admin staff had just gone out for a Vietnamese lunch that day so I didn't go as much for the appetizers but there were some lovely sweet treats -  fruit, tuxedo cake pops, mini smores cupcakes, salted caramel mousse - too many to try all the choices. Another Hot Chocolate bar with assorted toppings - whipped cream, marshmallows, crushed candy cane, mini gingerbread men sprinkles  - all provided. 

I missed going to the Finance Department's Christmas open house - they line their hallways with crockpots and hot plates of goodies, fill a table at the front with Christmas cookies and invite everyone to drop by and for a toonie, join in mingling with others from the University - even a visit to Santa is included. I was attending a workshop all that afternoon so didn't get to stop in this year. 

It might not be the big corporate galas held in downtown Calgary or include the Christmas bonuses but we do find moments to celebrate the season here at the University. 

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