18 May 2017

What's next?

Okay so apparently 2016 didn't happen. Maybe that is just wishful thinking. It wasn't entirely terrible. Just clearly didn't allow me to have much in the way of blogging on my mind. Maybe I can reclaim some of the things I enjoyed pre-2016. I have pictures. I have plans. So here we go again. (I'm working late so taking a quick blogging break before I get back to my list for tonight)

Let's start with my version of the plant life in Red Rock Canyon outside of Las Vegas. Can't find a name for this plant (anyone know?) but they certainly looked to us as if they would benefit from some googly eyes.  More on this trip possibly in a future post.

Today's photo prompt was "pastels".

I reset my calendar colours to a pastel palette for spring. Here's what it looks like (deliberately a bit blurry so you can't see all the details of the appointments I have filled this week with). No amount of pretty spring colour applications and lovely Van Gogh undulating landscapes can reduce the amount of WORK this very full schedule is going to involve.  Multiple meetings with no significant breaks means I am staying late or working this long weekend... or both.

So now my little "creativity break" is through and I will get back to it!

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