11 April 2012

April 11 Photo: Where I Ate Breakfast

I typically eat breakfast at my desk at work. I'm not someone who wants to jump out of bed and eat and by the time I get ready for work, I just want to get out the door. Because usually it is later than it should be. So I pack up my yogurt and a piece of fruit and I'm off.  Today I grabbed some granola to toss into the vanilla yogurt. I sometimes add a hard-boiled egg or a piece of whole wheat bread with some peanut butter. Oh, and you can't forget the peppermint tea. If you have not tried peppermint tea and vanilla yogurt, I highly recommend it!

But the assignment today is not WHAT you eat but WHERE you eat and that is where the desk comes in. The office is open area, so I plug in my headphones and stream Tempo on CBC Radio 2 as I review my morning email and my calendar while I eat. Right now, Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 is playing. On my desk you can see my computer wallpaper is the Puzey barn - I rotate images fairly often and wanted something that made me think of fresh air in the country. Also on the wall behind the phone I have a calendar, postcards and photos, also routinely rotated. Under my monitor are a wire ladybug, a bobble-head turtle and a small painted clay jar with paperclips. What you can't see in the top picture is what is to the right of my monitor - my Indonesian puppet. I used to have him sitting in a corner of my house, on the stairwell landing and I remember my nephews and niece weren't too happy to have to pass by him - not the most pleasant looking fellow. So he came to school, where he has made numerous appearances within our International Education Week displays. He was a garage sale find for $5 - I remember that garage sale. Great townhouse in the Kensington area with a lot of finds from travels around the world.

And speaking of stairs - that is tomorrow's assignment. I have a set of stairs at the University that I like so I think they will be my photo of the day. If I can pull myself away from my desk, that is.

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