10 April 2012

April 8 Photo: Inside My Wallet

My wallet REALLY needed to be cleaned out - this is not even half of what I found in there. There were also a handful of receipts, more change, more cards, coupons, more change, a cheque I need to deposit (sorry Jo!) and some phone numbers. The twoonies and loonies will now move to my "Whatever" bank, and the tickets to Sweeney Todd at Vertigo Theatre will go in the tickler file for June. The cards will be reviewed for relevance - do I need to carry this many every day?? My trusty orange wallet has been around for almost a decade now but it still does the job!


Lalainia said...

Ooohh! The Sweeney Todd tickets. I'm so excited!!

whistlepunch said...

Mark your calendar!

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