12 April 2012

April 12 Photo: Stairs

MRU Stairs in the rain
MRU Stairs at Recreation Services
MRU Stairs in the EA Knuckle
Another view of MRU Stairs in the EA Knuckle
Other stairs around MRU
Stairs are all over this campus! So picking just one set was a hard choice. I managed to send one email and make a handful of decisions this morning in time to take a break over lunch and a walk around the campus. My ultimate goal was the stairwell in the EA building - I love the shape of the stairs and the stained glass windows hanging on the second level. But I took the long way around. Into the main building, and down past the E wing where I got the shot of the outdoor courtyard stairs in the rain. Then through the back hallways of the campus over to Recreation Services which also had an interesting staircase. Back through and some random shots including some poky little stairwells in hidden corners.  Then over to the final staircase in EA which doesn't show off as well on such a grey and rainy day (which is actually now a snowy white day).

A few other distractions along the way included the visit to the campus by our Mayor (moved to a larger venue I see) and some artworks that I hadn't run across before.

That is as interesting as I can make the topic of STAIRS.  Tomorrow's assignment is something I found so I'll have my eyes peeled.

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