03 April 2013

April 2 Photo: Blue


Oops, only Day 2 and I'm late in posting.  I actually had this ready to go on my phone but wanted to get on my computer to check if it worked correctly and well, I fell asleep in my chair after a late dinner. (Stayed late at the office for a provincial teleconference)  Have you ever done that? I had only had about 3 and a half hours of sleep the night before. And should have known not to lean back for a minute... or what I thought would only be a minute after a late supper of Easter dinner leftovers.

So okay now it is 12:50 and I am awake and dragging myself up to my real bed. Not one of my better nights - a waste of an evening. Or not - I guess I should have gone straight to bed instead of even trying to salvage anything left of the night.

Blue - I didn't meet anyone today that was acknowledging the theme for this choice - World Autism Awareness Day.  Glad to see that the Atwood boys wore their blue to show support for this cause.

At work, blue is a pretty common colour though. It is our school colour and I took a bunch of pictures of items in the bookstore that are blue but I liked this picture best. Blue lockers. These are the lockers where I set up the popcorn machine for our annual Technology Testdrive along the main hallway in the University. With new policies against serving open containers (bags) of food, I assume I won't be setting up next year in this location. As you walk around the campus, you will see many banks of these blue lockers.

My initial plan for the post was to take a picture of my blue bear. But I guess I used that picture already when I participated in the March Photo a Day in 2012. It was for a different theme but my blue bear still was a prominent feature of the post, including his larger counterpart in Denver. If you missed that photo and would like to see both blue bears again, you can click on the link below.

March 8 Photo: Window

Tomorrow the theme is "Something beginning with A".  I already know what I am going to take my picture of... or should I say "of what I am going to take my picture".  (No, I don't think I should really say it that way.  It is a reference to the play I saw last week.  If you haven't seen "The Ends of the Earth" at Vertigo, you should... if just for the trek-inspired battle between self-appointed grammar enforcer Frank Gardener and perpetually unlucky Henry Walker.  SO Funny!!!)

Goodnight! (humming this music as I go)

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