03 April 2013

April 3 Photo: Something Beginning with A

A is for Adjustment

I've had a pinched nerve in my neck for a few days now and so the timing of this adjustment couldn't be better. I work too many hours at my computer and what always helps put me right is a visit to my chiropractor at the Calgary Centre for Health.  Today it was combined with an hour massage. Heaven.

At work, we have been invited to participate in a 5 week Wellness Challenge. One of the weekly challenge activities was to enjoy a holistic treatment.  I was excited to join in this event and see what kind of difference it would make. Ironically, I spent Week 4 mostly in bed feeling lousy and the late night on Monday definitely didn't fit the challenge requirements of getting 7 hours of sleep, but despite that set back, I've enjoyed doing the tasks associated with the challenge.

The challenge covers five different areas of wellness and in each area, we have to track whether we have done different tasks each day, once a week or once over the course of the challenge:

The areas are
  • Physical
  • Nutritional
  • Psychological
  • Intellectual
  • Social/Community

Mount Royal University
Climbing stairs at work counts as one of the Physical tasks. 

Daily tasks in Nutrition include drinking 2 litres of water and
eating 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables. (photo by HossainKhan on Flickr)

Woman -  then and now
Weekly Psychological tasks include appreciating beauty and art
and clearing clutter. 

Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra
A one time Intellectual task is attending a play or musical event.
I wish it had been more, I could have earned this one almost weekly!

Volunteering is one aspect of the social/community activities.
With all the volunteering I do on boards or serving at church,
 it was an easy way to earn points as well. 

So with the Wellness Challenge coming to an end on Sunday, I have seen improvements in some areas of my life and some challenges I have yet to move forward on. But it has been a worthwhile event to participate in. I just hope I can get back on track after the set back I had last week.

Take some time to find some "wellness" in your life!

Photo by Hotel Der Oeschbergh

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Sheila said...

Mine will be next week in Phoenix, sitting in the sun by the pool. Probably the water will be too cool to go in, but will enjoy the sunshine. Enjoying your blog daughter. Highlight of my day, yours and Lainie's blogs.

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