05 April 2013

Flickr Friday: Lighthouse at Church Point

Lighthouse at Church Point, originally uploaded by whistlepunch.

Lighthouse at Church Point
originally uploaded by whistlepunch

I decided to get back to sharing photos from my Flickr account since there are 9,238 photos posted there and it isn't likely that anyone is browsing these in their entirety. I like that I can share and search my photos on this site as well as finding my photos used on random blogs and websites, even in a couple of published books.

So the formula I used was to add up the date 4/4/13 and that landed me on page 21. Then I just picked my favourite photos from this page.

Two years ago, I traveled out to Halifax for a TESL Canada conference and added an extra week onto my trip to drive around the south tip of Nova Scotia. This lighthouse is located at Church Point, the home of the only Francophone university in Nova Scotia and the St. Mary's Church Museum, the largest wooden church in North America.

Church Point, Nova Scotia
St. Mary's Church Museum

This lighthouse was built in 1874 and stands 9.4 metres tall. The lamp was lit until 1984 and since that time the University has been responsible for its maintenance.

I thoroughly enjoyed my drive around the province, stopping at as many lighthouses and wooden churches as I could.

Post script:

So I obviously didn't have my talking calendar this morning to get the current date set in my mind. It isn't the 4th today - it is the 5th. So I should have been looking at page 22.

I guess that means a bonus picture - I won't change my entry but include another photo from the same trip.

Along the EvangelineTrail in Nova Scotia
St. Alphonse de Clare, Digby, Nova Scotia
Another wooden church for you to enjoy!

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