27 April 2013

April 27 Photo: Earth

I spent my Saturday at the Roots and Branches Family History Conference.  What a fantastic day.  22 different classes to choose from which was hard to narrow down to five choices. I attended England- Advanced, Ireland, Organizing Digital Media, Sweden and Descendancy Research.  Thank goodness for the 82 page syllabus with notes from these and all the workshops I wasn't able to attend.  And would you believe the entire day was free.  I have gotten used to the high price tags on conference registrations so the fact that this and the RootsTech conference in January were both provided without cost is amazing.  I have a lot of ideas and resources I need to follow up on now!

It also provided for a great "earth" picture - well - not artistically - but at least it fits the theme. I always park in the back when I come to this building, the LDS Stake Centre on 17th Avenue SW.  And I guess I never look out the front window. I had no idea that the front lawn was ripped out.  There used to be grass and steps leading up to the building but I found out that the front doors were going to be replaced with windows and the front landscaped without the stairs.  But for now, it is an open construction site (repairs were needed to the foundation so the project wasn't as simple as first expected).

LDS Stake Centre on 17th Avenue.

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