28 April 2013

April 28 Photo: My Sunday

A familiar path on Sunday
 My family typically gets together over Sunday dinner. So I make the trek on Sarcee Trail north and then back again south. This week, Sunday was a get together for my nephew's fiancee, Jazz's birthday. Mom wasn't feeling well enough to join us (and no appetite) so we let her rest. (Hope you get well soon Mom!! We missed you!)  The birthday girl picked the meal and it was BLTs, sweet potato fries and chocolate milkshakes. Crave cupcakes for dessert.

The Birthday Girl!

Rob was a rock star with the bacon. 

After dinner, everyone flopped down in the living room. Sam, Jazz and I went through the amazing book my sister put together about my nephew Tanner who is on a mission for the LDS church in Guatemala.  They are going in just a few weeks to pick him up at the end of his mission and will be visiting the areas he served and the people he taught.  The book covers all of these and is a great review of an amazing experience over the past two years.

It's always good to get together on Sunday. It was a short visit this time but we have Mom's birthday, Mother's Day and then Tanner coming home all in May! Lots of family time to come.

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