03 May 2013

Photo a Day for May

I agree with my cousin, sometimes the day's photo assignment for the April photo a day from @fatmumslim was less than inspiring. I started noticing that many people on Instagram were using a different schedule than our April calendar that came from @realadampowell .  So for May, I have decided to draw from either of the two calendars that I've come across most.

Here's the alternate schedule I may use instead.

On May 1 I used the #fmsphotoaday theme of "I Bought This" but today I decided to spare you the detail of my morning ritual (nothing to see there) and I went with "Old" and shared some photos from family archives. So I actually didn't even take a picture - I don't follow the rules too closely. A loose interpretation works for me.

If anyone really has a preference of which photo they would like me to use (Mom - that means you), just let me know! And if I'm really inspired, you might get two photos. May is going to be a crazy month (mostly with FUN but some work commitments as well). Hopefully it will provide some great photo opportunities since I won't just be at my computer day and night.

1 comment:

Sheila said...

Well you can pick and choose, will love whatever you pick out to put up. I am surprised you are going to do May too.......You must have time on your hands. HA.

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