02 May 2013

May 2 Photo: Old

Fred holding David, Sheila, Sandra and Hannah.  No DaVeeda but she'll get TWO pictures later!

Not sure about this street scene. It is looking east on 8th avenue around 3rd Street.  Waiting for a Parade?
Everyone is dressed quite warmly for it to be the Stampede Parade. Possibly the Santa Claus Parade then?

I finally got around to pulling out my scanner. Dad wanted me to get the slides scanned but I also had some Puzey albums to scan. So I've been working on both. I want to get the Puzey slides done before my trip to Utah and the slides scanned before the reunion.  It's been fun going through the albums. Some of the images are really faded and others have a horrible yellow scale on top of the picture. I've cleaned up quite a few but there are lots left to do. But for the theme of old, I wanted to share the pictures I've enjoyed every time I find another one.  

Street photographers captured life in many cities including Calgary. They would take photos of people walking down the street and then hand them a numbered card.  Later, a person could drop by their shop and order a print of the photo.  

I found six of these kinds of  candid photos in our family archives. I'm glad that Fred and Hannah purchased the snapshots for us to enjoy!

A young Sheila and Hannah

Sandra and Hannah

Hannah and DaVeeda

DaVeeda and Hannah with a change of season.

Hannah and Fred on a night out. I wonder where they were going to. 


serena said...

What fabulous pictures! What dedication to scan them and fix them up. I know how much time this takes. If you ever create a CD of all the old Puzey photos let me know and I will be happy to pay for a copy.

Lalainia said...

Love these! What a sweet photo of Grandma and Grandpa on a night out!

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