03 May 2013

May 3 Photo 2: My Favourite Pastime

When you look at my calendar for May, it is clear that I like a night out. Although by nature, I think I am someone who thrives when I have time alone, I am risking my mental health this month by being EXTREMELY SOCIAL.  In the 31 days of May, excluding the time I leave my home for work and for church, I have a commitment outside of my home 29 days with only 1 evening free to do everything a person needs to do to maintain their life and (for me) sanity. Yikes. I can't complain. Most (not all unfortunately) are things I am tremendously looking forward to and have made the bookings myself.  (Good thing I'm signed up for some Mental Health and Wellness training at MRU this month - I may need it)

This includes lots of theatre (4 different plays), concerts,  a movie premiere (the new Star Trek, can't wait!) and a combo movie/concert (The Fellowship of the Rings on the big screen with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra providing the score).  

I have a lot of favourite pastimes and selecting one was difficult but for the month of May, enjoying the cultural benefits of living in Calgary seems to be the theme!

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Dawn said...

One of my favorite past times too! I totally get the angst about having not enough time to cave and recharge as well.

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