03 May 2013

May 3 Photo: This is really good!

I took out one of the Young Women from my former ward (okay she was in YW when I was but she's 20 now) for a celebratory lunch as she received her mission call this week!  She is going to Scottsdale, Arizona.  It was great catching up with her as we talked about her process of getting her papers ready to submit and how she was feeling about leaving for the MTC in August.  She chose Montana's for lunch and admitted that the primary motivation for the choice was the dessert.  Shake'n Share mini donuts.  "Go to your happy place with eight warm mini domuts made fresh to order and tossed in powdered sugar right before your eyes.  Served with caramel dipping sauce." That is how the menu described them. I chose this for my 'really good' picture but not solely on the merit of these donuts (which were tasty) and more because hearing how excited she is and ready to go and serve on her mission is REALLY GOOD!

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