02 December 2014

A Very Retro Christmas

My mom decorating the tree with her youngest sister, DaVeeda. 

Isn't this a great picture. I wish there were more pictures like this. I had forgotten about the metal light reflectors. When Mom sees this, she can share more about what decorations were put on the tree. I'd love to hear about the decorations she had in her family home.

And from 1955 - the classic "Never do a Tango with an Eskimo" sung by the English singer, Alma Cogan. I was listening to a YouTube video of two British girls (women) playing a Christmas "Name that Tune" with a 10 second clip. I hadn't heard about half of the songs they played but found a few new favourites in the mix. This is just the first one I'll share.  If you are going to play this clip, adjust your speakers - the first few notes will wake up your neighbours!

For some fantastic vintage and retro Christmas decor, check out my cousin's Instagram feed. She has an amazing sense of style and her photos are so much fun. I love the way she has decorated her home for the holidays.

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I haven't had a chance to decorate yet, so I'll just have to enjoy the lights outside and everyone else's photos for now. I love the few vintage decorations I have, but I have some pretty new ones too. I'm anxious to get at it!


Lalainia said...

Love the photo of your mom with Aunt DaVeeda!

Sheila said...

Oh my goodness, what a picture. Yes, I remember years of decorating. I remember the bubble lights, the metal reflectors, old fashioned balls and strings on the tree. I remember a star or angel at the top of the tree, but I remember the beautiful bubble lights the most. They were so pretty. Don't know where Sandy was, maybe cleaning chickens. but Veedie always loved to help me decorate the tree. Mom and dad left it up to us kids. Such fun memories.

Sheila said...

Mom always had the nativity on the mantel, and I am so happy I have that same nativity today. It is still gorgeous and makes me think of my christmases at home when I was young. It was always a fun time, lots of delicious food, and ping pong games after dinner. I loved playing ping pong and was pretty good. Could beat my brother and he hated that. HA.

Aunt Sandy said...

Look at Veeda"s brown stockings. They would not have been so bad if they were like tights but you had this contraption called a garter belt to hold them up and my was that ever uncomfortable. We had white stocking for Sunday and I sure liked the look of them better than the brown things. The only other thing I remember about the tree decorations were colorful twisted metal called icicles that we hung on the tree. I also remember trying to make popcorn strings to place on the tree. This was tricky as the popcorn kept breaking when you tried to thread the needle through. Funny how Ping Pong was a big part of our Christmas celebrations. I remember making lots of chocolate fudge as well as the home made chocolates. Good Times.

Sheri Rhodes said...

I love hearing about the pictures and what memories they evoke. I forgot about ping pong!! And I bought some of those metal "icicles"for my tree a number of years ago. I didn't know they were something you had had on the tree at the farm. Thanks for sharing all these stories!

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