06 December 2014

The Nutcracker

Lochlan and Sorcha post performance.

I attended the matinee performance of the Jeunesse Classique Ballet's production of The Nutcracker at the University of Calgary. I was there to see my niece and nephew perform. I was happy to see my very first production of the Nutcracker with them. Honestly, how I have lived in this city and until now had never seen A Christmas Carol (finally last year) and The Nutcracker I don't understand but I am happy to have started with this production.

Before the doors opened, there was an opportunity to shop for a nutcracker to take home or meet a costumed Nutcracker for pictures. I came home with a couple of new little friends but I'll save that for the end of the post.

Sorcha was the first ballerina to move - taking the role of the miniature Chinese doll in this performance. She looked great and did such a good job in all her dances. The cute factor was off the chart many times in the first act. The tiniest little dancers would come in and there were audible "aahs" from the audience. Lochlan was a party guest, escorting his dance partner in a couple of numbers and providing an audience on stage when the focus was on the children.

Now, although it was my first time to see this live, I have seen it many times in recordings and knew the music and numbers well. But those mice - live on stage and with my particular personal war with the ones that have again found a refuge in my basement, well, they were slightly unnerving. And when they were lurking behind the little soldier ballerinas, I imagined all the children would be going home with nightmares.

The sugar plum fairies, and all the different dolls were so fun to watch dance and the young girl who played Clara was amazing - such control!

The performance ended and Santa appeared from the back of the theatre to hand out candy canes to all the children.

It was a fun Christmas activity and if you have a chance, it is playing again next weekend at the Vertigo Theatre.

And coming home with me -- my attempt to make friends with the Mouse King.

(Or have a nutcracker near by to defend me).

To end this post, something more magical and better to end the evening on - The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Sweet dreams!

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Sheila said...

cute write up. Can't believe you bought a mouse king. You have a basement full of them. Well hopefully you are getting them killed.

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