03 December 2014

Being Festive

Wreath decorating at #mru bookstore. Silent auction with $ for students Season of Caring wish tree.

Today and tomorrow at Mount Royal University, you can see the decorated wreaths set up in front of the Bookstore. They have been decorated by individuals or departments in the University and a silent auction is held to raise money for the student association's Season of Caring Wish Tree.  You can also bid on the best wreath. Some have a theme - such as the wreath on the lower left covered with different polished rocks, geodes, etc, and one not shown with small portraits of rescued moon bears (flip the portrait over and you can see the terrible conditions they were saved from). The wreaths made a very festive display on the campus main street.

It reminded me I haven't even put up my wreath on my front door yet and that would only take a few minutes to do (I even know where it is!) so my door will be seasonally fashionable tonight.

Speaking of being fashionable and festive, how about this Christmas classic from 1973! (Another one from across the pond.)

Oh and one more if we are being truly fashionable in the 70s!

My cousins - Mike and Kelly - yes that is Donny and Marie
 (I may have shared this picture before but it is just too good not to share again.)
That is the tree from my childhood home. How do I know for sure? Because of the amazing styrofoam-ball-and-toothpick-covered-in-silver-glitter orbs hanging from the ceiling around the tree.  They must have made quite a glittery mess but I remember them well. Was it a craft she did at Relief Society? Or some brainstorm she had on her own? I don't know (I'm sure she will tell us). And I'm sure we used them multiple years so they must have had to be stored away from year to year.

I also know this picture is at my house because those glass ornaments on our tree then are the same ones I still use on my tree! A lot have not survived but many did and I love how they sparkle when the lights reflect off of them.

I'm throwing this post together a bit haphazardly because I'm off to see the Corner Gas movie. It may not be a very Christmasy thing to do tonight but it feels festive.

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Anonymous said...

Kelly into music even then with his Donnie and Marie shirt. Oh my look at Mikes sweater and pant combination. I sure hope I don't get blamed for that!

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