03 April 2012

April 1 Photo: Reflection

This weekend is the LDS Semi-Annual General Conference, broadcast around the world. And so I have pretty much spent it in front of the TV watching the Saturday and Sunday sessions. And not trying to look presentable to the world so this is as much of a reflection of me as you are going to get.

 I have this picture upstairs in my house. The picture is of the First Presidency of the Church - President Thomas S. Monson, Elder Henry B. Eyring and Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf.  These men are apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ and have shared some inspiring and important messages this weekend. The assignment is appropriate because that really is a big part of attending conference. Spending some time reflecting on how you are living your life, what your priorities are and what changes you want to make moving forward.  A great way to spend a spring weekend. Lots to think about! They post the talks online at the link above if you want to check out what was shared.

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