03 April 2012

April Photo a day Challenge

Okay - The March Challenge is over and I had fun with it. So here we go with April. And I know I'm posting this three days late, but I've had a fair share of technical issues over the past 5 days. So although I've been taking my assigned photo everyday, I just haven't been able to share them. I'm catching up now.

I've been happy to follow along with my cousin's photos though! She has a great blog here and has been faithfully posting her picture each day. Guilt! But I'm glad to see what creative ways she puts her new camera to use.

You can still join in! I mean - really - I obviously don't have a problem with playing catch-up so why should you? :-)

If you share your photos on Pinterest or Instagram or Flickr or... any of the social media where you tag things (including here) you should tag your photos with #photoadayApril

Or just go to one of those social media sites and search for that tag.  Here's the results for a search of pictures on Instagram. There are A LOT of people doing this as well! And because it is a world-wide activity, some posts will be for the day before and others will be a day ahead.

Okay, I need to stop writing and get to the photos...

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