04 April 2012

April 4 Photo: Someone who makes you happy

Lots of people make me happy and choosing just one is like having a favourite. But I didn't have to make the tough call because I only saw one member of my family today and he does make me happy!

This is my nephew, Sam. Or Sammy. I've been so lucky to have him on my campus as a student these past four years. His university career started with him needing me a lot more than he does these days. I was a sounding board and an editor for his early papers. As the years have passed, he has learned how to punctuate much better and has a pretty good head on his shoulders for making decisions about classes and topics. And he will soon graduate University.

Back when he was shorter than me, he used to come by my downtown office for tutoring. My colleagues remember that little kid who was learning math and can't believe it is the same young man who towers over me now! He hasn't had to call me for much help this year (well there still is the occasionally request for a second set of eyes on a paper) but he always appreciates a free lunch! I knew the photo assignment so yesterday I texted him to invite him for lunch today and he had turned me down because of a group presentation meeting but at the last minute today I got the text - "I think I can come now.. if it's not too late". Yeah! I always enjoy a visit with him and today was no exception.

Tomorrow's assignment is tiny.  Easy for me with my penchant for small things.  And I think I am actually posting this before my cousin!

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Dawn said...

That is Sam?! How did we all get so old?! :)

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