03 April 2012

April 3 Photo: Mail

Today's mail at work - JUST LIKE CHRISTMAS!

Mail is fun to receive. Well, not bills, but real mail. Do you get much real mail these days? Even families with missionaries often use e-mail now - how fun is that?

At Christmas time, some people send Christmas cards by mail. I really do plan to do that someday. I even had it all organized that I would make 2011 the year of sending Christmas cards, but then something happened to completely derail Christmas at my house. Or at least the cards and baking and decorating parts of Christmas. Maybe 2012??

Yesterday was a fun mail day because I have a neighbour who put a little surprise in my mailbox. Not your typical mail though.

Today's mail at work was just like Christmas. BOOKS!! Love getting new books. Even if they are about Grammar.

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