15 April 2012

April 14 Photo: How I Feel Today

Today I feel Pfanntastic! Actually, the word I had decided on was Optimistic as I was having a yummy breakfast with a friend on a snowy morning in April but I saw Pfanntastic on the menu and decided it fit just as well. And even though it doesn't necessarily fit the reality of my schedule today, it really does capture my mood.

It has been a crazy week and my life has its own share of challenges right now.  Nothing earth-shattering but enough to create some obstacles and hold me back in some of the things I would rather be pursuing. And there are people I love and care about in my life who are dealing with some much bigger battles and they are in my thoughts and prayers.  So not all smooth sailing.

The here and now has its own specific demands on my time and energy. I have a crazy amount of marking to plow through this weekend and my eyes are not cooperating. It would be easier with better lenses but that involves money and priorities don't include that right now. So I approached the weekend knowing that I would spend it tied to my laptop and not able to do much else.

But in spite of the bad weather, the heavy work load, other personal challenges going on, I am calm, relaxed, and feeling positive and optimistic. It's been my mood for a while. Maybe ever since the great start to the month with four wonderful sessions of conference. Maybe extended by the Easter weekend which included service, friendships, family and accomplishing a few personal goals. Maybe it was the positive energy I felt during the round of student interviews the past two weeks and hearing some amazing and interesting students share their own goals and dreams that brought them to study English with us. Maybe it was the unsolicited complimentary feedback I've had from students in the Education Technology course I wrote and teach as I had been somewhat less than confident in how their experience had been going. And then reviewing and grading that work and seeing some great  and creative examples of what they have been able to achieve this term.

The challenges are still there and very real and I have to deal with those at some point but today, life is good. I'm tired but with a smile.  And when a day begins with hot chocolate and whipped cream, it really helps!

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Lalainia said...

I'm glad that even with all the stresses you are in such a great place. It inspires me to feel the same!

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