21 April 2012

April 21 Photo: Bottle

Lots of bottles to be found at the Calgary Farmer's Market. I met a friend and her daughter for a breakfast catch up there. After we had our blintzes from Margarita's Dishes, caught up on her trip to Moab, Utah and puzzled over our choices for the provincial election, I did a bit of shopping for some fresh vegetables, tulips and a gift for a birthday. One stop I always like to make it at the Cookbook Co. Cooks. Always new yummy marinades and sauces to discover. I picked up my favourite from Stonewall Kitchen - Roasted Apple Grille Sauce.

I didn't realize we had picked the 1st Anniversary of the relocation to their new home on Blackfoot Trail. As one of the first 365 visitors, we got a new totebag.

Tulips from Red Deer
Pussy willows are the mark of spring I love the most. But I didn't pick up any this visit. I also love honey sticks in different flavours. Again, resisted. Something new is Cruffs. (Lower right hand corner). It specializes in Cream Puffs that they fill with flavoured custard creams and a variety of toppings.

So many things to browse and try. I miss having the market close by in the Currie Barracks but I was glad to meet a friend and make the trip.

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