20 April 2012

April 19 Photo: Orange

I feel like half of my pictures have featured the colour orange! Pictures with the walls in my house or my tablecloth have always had orange in them. I already shared a picture of my little orange bird - one of my favourite orange items in my home.

Here's another one.  When I was in Beijing and visiting the Forbidden City, I saw the Chinese guardian lions, incorrectly called Fu Dogs in the west,  in front of the Imperial Palace.  I have also seen these featured in design magazines and for a while it seemed like every magazine would have at least one set somewhere in a photo shoot. They are always in a pair  - and for a while every pair I saw was turquoise.  I loved the turquoise - that was the main colour of my apartment back in Brentwood and my kitchen growing up. But I had just moved into my new townhouse and turquoise wasn't the colour I went with. So when I saw this little pair in the Winner's in West Edmonton Mall I was very happy!

Do you follow Nienie's blog? Well, today's post also has her pair of "ShiShi" - just scroll down to the picture of her husband crashed out on her FABULOUS sofa and look on the table piled with books! She must figure that they are good guardians over books as well.

Sorry for the picture quality - poor lighing at midnight with an iphone makes for a stark flash and a bad pic but it is what it is!

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