18 April 2012

April 18 Photo: Hair

How often do you think about your hair? I bet it's pretty often. At least as often as once a day and probaby every time you are in front of a mirror and sometimes even more (do you carry a small mirror with you?) And how out of sorts are you when you are having a 'bad hair' day? Honestly, I never feel my best if I'm not happy about my hair.  Today, though, I love my hair! Just fresh from the salon and I didn't leave with one of those "I'll just fix it when I get home" treatments. I booked this 8 weeks ago! Little did I know it would be the photo challenge assignment.

I sure appreciate my hair so much more after knowing there are people I love who don't get to have a bad hair day right now - and whether that is a temporary situation which I'm certain it is for one, or a new way of living which I've been part of sharing in with another, it is something that makes me appreciate the fact that I can have a bad hair day once in a while.

How brave does a woman have to be to face the fact that it is time to just shave it off and accept the situation? I think it is a very brave step - to take control of it and face the bald scalp.  I am so glad I was there with a girlfriend as she had her first wig shopping experience. And now try and stop her - how many wigs is it? 

Another friend was dealing with thinning hair and decided to mark a significant birthday by having a party and inviting us all to help her shave her head. She looked fantastic bald!  Her hair is back now but she wears it much shorter than she did before - it really suits her.

And I love it when I see those who are supporting friends and family shave their heads to raise funds to fight cancer. I'm not brave enough to do that myself but happy to donate to those who do!

Now - this is a different story when it comes to men. I know some have their own anxiety about losing their hair, but really, can anyone believe that the Trump comb-over is a good look to hold on to?  My Grandad was a bald man, my dad has a shiny pate and my brother is going the same way. Everyone has their preferences, but maybe you agree with Christine Lavin. Captain Picard didn't need hair and neither did Peter Garrett (that is testing your 80s knowledge - I had a poster of him on my bedroom wall!)


Did you think I might include a picture of my new hairdo in this post? Well, since you scrolled to the very end, okay, here it is.


Lalainia said...

Lovin' the hair - you look fabulous!!

DaVeeda West said...

Love your cute look Sheri. You mom said to get in and read about your thoughts about hair. Very good and timely for me. Yes it is much quicker to get ready now, but when I look at my baldie head I hope I remember to never complain about doing my hair again. I will have to check in more often here!! Loved the read.

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